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White man in native wear ‘shakes body’ to Yoruba song in viral video, Nigerians say his dance moves are funny (watch the hilarious video)

A white man stunned Nigerians at a Yoruba occasion as he rocked his body to a native song – In the viral video, the unidentified foreign national was in full Yoruba attire and tried to keep up with the tempo of the song – Nigerians found his dance moves hilarious, with some wondering if he actually listened to the beats or rhythm of the song to be dancing differently.

Nigerians have reacted to a video in which a white man in Yoruba attire was seen ‘shaking his body’ to a Yoruba song. The yet-to-be-identified man, in a Twitter video by @Naija_PR, was on full Yoruba wear on an occasion which is yet to be ascertained nor was disclosed in the video. Nigerians react as white man ‘vibes’ to Yoruba song with funny dance moves Photo Credit: @Naija_PR Source: Twitter

In the viral clip which has been seen by more than 25k persons, there appeared to be other white folks seated in a corner behind the white man. Another foreign guy appeared to assist his friend as he danced at a distance behind him. Watch the video here.

Many people commented that the dance moves of the guy were not in rhythm with the song being sung. Others hilariously remarked thatommitted to memorising a particular dance move he decided to use irrespective of the song being played. Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below: @GodsgreatG reacted: “The fact that Nigerians will hear a foreign song and dance perfectly to its rhythm shows we’re very adaptable set of people. How difficult can it be for someone to move his body to the rhythm of a song. It’s sound for god sake, it’s not like a language you can’t understand.”

Another person @idorenyin14 commented: “I used to think same till one prof explained to us in sch dt y life is simple for dem oyibo is.. They do things according to how they planned it.. If de planned a particular dance step to de club ND de beats change, they stick to de dance step they came with.” @edun_oluwaseyi said: “That guy with the longer hair thinks it’s choreography..I don’t understand the “he lives in me” he is dancing behind.”

As the man danced to a Yoruba song, other white men, possibly his friends and family, jumped behind as they tried hard to follow the rhythm of the drum.

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