» Massacre Of 1,428 Dolphins In Faroe Island Sparks Global Outrage (VideoPics

Faroe Islands government has said they will review the country’s dolphin hunt policies after photos and videos of nearly 1,500 dolphins being slaughtered on Sunday sparked global outrage since the incident. The massacre is believed to be the largest single hunt of cetaceans—a group comprising whales, dolphins and porpoises—ever recorded worldwide.
The hunt, known locally as the “grindadráp,” (often referred to as an opportunistic and non-commercial hunt) saw whalers target a massive pod of white-sided dolphins, herding the animals into Danish waters where they were cornered and stabbed to death. Under Faroese law, the hunt—a long-lasting tradition in the region—is deemed legal, although many dispute the practice as unsustainable slaughter and unnecessary suffering.

A total of 1,428 dolphins were killed in just over one hour in an event many on social media have since condemned as cruel, archaic and barbaric. The graphic images have sparked anger directed towards Faroese and Danish authorities, who are under pressure to end the practice.

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