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Please don’t ignore, your view is needed Mas/Sirs

Hi everyone. Please I am here to seek your opinion and advice. Please don’t ignore or insult me…

So, I am 23 years of age, I used to be a graphic designer, and some specific printing machine operator dated then(i am talking 015-017) but then in late 2017 I gained admission to the Federal college of education Abeokuta to study Physics/Mathematics. Though that all my father always wanted( go to school and have a certificate). Yes, the plan wasn’t College but sometimes life left you with no choice as I graduated from secondary school in 014, and luckily for me, I gained admission to Kwasu but not being an indigene of Ilorin bleeped me up cause we couldn’t afford 210,000 so we let it slide that way and since then other universities won’t give me admission till in tried college of education on December 22, 2017, and I am to resume Jan7 2018( My birthday)…Most of the bills were cleared by me and a few by my patent cause the admission was fast and they weren’t so prepared. So to fast-ward it all

My stay in the college was kind of financially hard but I managed to graduate with a 4.13 (Phy/Maths) of 5.00CGPA. Making me proceed to obtain a DE form to OAU. Thank God for everything. Now my I have graduated on April 14. Yes, I guess I skipped this… During my days in college, one of my coursemates introduced his brother to be who happened to be a Gee boy, and with his brother, I starting to learn some stuff but because I won’t want to fail my parent and remember I have guys( i stay in Mushin) that told me not to do full-time cause of making money and more but I declined and chase my goals. This two reason was one of the biggest reason I work so hard not to fail or have an extra year. So the stuff I am learning needed more time which I couldn’t meet up with so it has never been fruitful nor put food on my table… Sadly wasted datas and few of my time sha. But this my course mate brother kept on gifting me money and help with some bills and maybe once (clothes).

So, on the date I signed out of the college I got a call from him saying “Congratulations Simi, you and my brother should come over to the house, I have secured free wifi and more to help make stuff easy) I thanked him and I was happy, at least I will make some riches too and I won’t suffer on in my university date like this of the college. So I have been at this place now since that April and today is August 19… I haven’t for once cash-out neither has his brother( my ex-course-mate) do too but we are enjoying, as there is (Free data, Netflix DSTV, Youtube on a smart TV, soft drinks in the fridge, etc). So a couple of days ago I decided to fast daniel’s fasting and ask God for light probably I am missing way already. So haven’t finished my fast( I attend white garment church) doing my fast I bought a candle as I know what that simple means in my belief. But on the 3day (last day of fasting). I couldn’t light the candle as the boss was sleeping home that night(wednesday). Luckily for me, he said he won’t sleep at home that Thursday night so I lighted the candle, keep praying inside of me while hustling overnight. (Everything happened Last week)

So this week Tuesday, he got home and started asking some weird questions. But as per say, I saw him as a good-hearted being. so, I answered truly but kept some living replies away from him. Then when he left home I called my dad and explained all to him so dad calms me down and said he will call me later that he needs to reach out to someone or so. The next day he called and tell me to try by all means to leave his place ( That he is doing something with me or my star etc) that was shocking so I have planned on leaving here this weekend. As we can’t take too many hurry steps so he won’t do more of charm and more) #PLEASE GUYS BE CAREFUL OF PEOPLE THAT HELP PUT FOOD ON YOUR TABLE ALL DAY WITHOUT KNOWING YOU FROM ADAM) TRUST NO ONE AND ALL THAT GLITTERS ARENT GOD. DO not FALL for everything clamoring today for your hope for the future. People aren’t who you think they are….

So, Mas and sirs…. I need your advice at the moment. Everything I learned here is something I can now do on my own although I don’t know how US money gets here but I could get so street help once the time is right and you know I am waiting on my second admission with OAU meaning I need more money to sponsor myself… So the advice I need from you guys now is

1) should I go to my Auntie’s place at Ikorodu and learn probably (Web Design, UX design, more systems, and printing machine stuff) and do the stuff I learned while she takes care of my feeding and transport. Remember it’s learning no further payment attached


2) I should go to my home in Ilupeju, get a job that pays like 20-25k monthly, do the stuff I learned while I take care of all my bills myself (clothing, feeding, transport, and more) inside this my earned 20-25k salary?

Please advise, share your opinion, tell me reasons I should consider your view and more… But in all, you say remember *I am still going back to university as I am myself sponsor* [i][

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  1. You just have to be prayerful

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