Why You Should Stop Engraving Your Plate Numbers On Your Vehicle Accessories

A couple of times i have gone to do vehicle purchase inspections and seen cars with boldly written plate numbers on all glasses , car accessories like headlamps and body chromes , handles rear lights etc, even seen them on the interior accessories too. Vehicles that have their plates engraved to the body parts are actually less likely to be vandalized or stolen .

Most times i see a fantastic ride with all systems GO, but sadly because of the plate number engraved to the vehicle , the client is not interested in it. Reason being,

1. Most people want to pose with their newly acquired vehicles as freshly registered foreign used cars, different plates engraved on the car will defeat that aim.

2. The number of document they would have to be presented at a check point will include proof of legal purchase from previous owner plus all documents for present ownership. Making police checks longer then usual.

3. The cost of replacing all the engraved parts , if they do intend buying the vehicle and removing all traces of the previous plates.

In general the 2nd hand value of a car drops drastically when car is engraved.

SOLUTION. instead of engraving the plate numbers which are not a permanent feature of the vehicle , the vehicle VIN vehicle identification Number aka chassis Number should be engraved .

The VIN is a permanent feature that will always remain with vehicle, and can be easily blacklisted on the internet or in licensing authority if vehicle is stolen .

The VIN should be engraved and not the plates on a vehicle .


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  1. Apart from car getting stolen, people shld stop engraved number all over the car….
    There will always be away to recognize ur car even if the num were not there…..

  2. Nawa oooh

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