What Broke Your Trust With Friends? Share Your Experience

It is once said that the devil you know is better than the Angel you don’t know.
Friends is good no doubt, having a lot of friends makes someone gets connected in the society. There are many advantage coming from having many friends, meanwhile some people still want to keep the circle of their friends small to avoid unnecessary drama.
I once seek an advice from my friend on how to leave Nigeria for a better livelihood outside the country. He gave a lot of reason why I shouldn’t leave the country which I somehow was convincing. To my greatest surprise, I saw my guy on Facebook taking pictures with white folks like Osuofia in London . He left for Canada after telling me story for the gods on how Nigeria will be heaven later.
I later travelled sha.
Another experience, when I went to pageantry with my friends, though I never planned to partake, my schoolmate told me to replace him looking how fresh I was then sha, but I needed to look more dope. I had to borrow my guys necklaces and wrist watch immediately. While awaiting for result, these guys decided to take away those stuff in the public, just to shame me. I later won sha, And decided not to borrow again.
In my hood then when i had a fine babe and she was so proud of me posting me everywhere as the main guy. I know some guys in pain about her actions but will never believe that my real paddy wants the babe too. The guy toast the babe she refused, the nonsense guy came to me to call the girl names. With this experience I avoided public relationship.
Many experience though, is it when you ask your classmate how you preparing for exam, he will tell you, I’m yet to open my book. Or is it those that say love na scam, getting married. Or those saying school na scam, furthering their education. And so on
Share your experience

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