The news and information surrounding Covid19 pandemic is hot, media is doing well with update every day. With the new cases, discharged and death patients, as reported. Yet some states ease their lockdown and some has commenced some activities like opening of mosques, churches and markets. A good news for everyone, these are what we are looking forward to, while thinking this will finally come behind us and become history.

Let’s have no doubt about it, this will come to an end, as we believed, either we seek aid from other countries or we use our natural herbs here. What next? Are will still on the same protocol or things are changing?

Sure, things must be different, the changes we look forward to will begin in Nigeria, in terms of Medical Care, social behaviour, new protocol and rules guiding transportation, gathering, and lots more.

Can we get these done?,

Why won’t we? The best countries that were regarded as the messiah of life have large death toll, is that not funny enough?. It is accepted that if this pandemic started in Africa none of our authorities will be here, there are better hospitals in London, the all knowing laboratories in China, better by far doctors in Germany, and the best machines in Italy. We all know what we are doing.

Those countries restricted any importation of Covid19 patients, now we become brother’s and father’s, that are born in the same territories, and suffering in the mess created by those monsters. Within themselves, they will regret their action and definitely after pandemic there should be an adequate medical care, provision of equipments in our hospitals, renovation of hospitals and not National Assembly as usual.

A saying goes thus; “He who has health enjoy wealth,” so health is wealth, definitely.

No doubts, doctors and co medical personnel are hero in this pandemic our own deed is to stay at home and stay safe, their life at stake for people they worth collecting 6million also every month.

However, people will change their mentalities towards their health, regular medical check up, and consult their doctors at the best time. These must be done.

Also, The next change is, “Social behaviour” from this pandemic I believe everybody has been enlightened on how to behave in the society, it is painful we are just living among each other before with no behaviour, a person will sneeze before you while eating, cough while talking to you without covering mouth, and lots more, they are now regulating our ways of doing things, even it is hard for people to adapt, for they are used to old ways of doing things.

So, if we behave normally, everybody will be saved in our society even after Covid19.
B.G Ibrahim, constant word A lecturer in Federal Polytechnic Offa Lecturer, “Abnormal behaviour make our society Abnormal.”

Finally, what about the existing protocol in our society either from government or ourselves, like transportation, three seats four or five passengers, Two seats four passengers, we don’t care of another person’s odour, sweat, health, because of money, no strict rules at park, going to other state without any identification card which is not fair.
Also , No rule guides social gathering, no queueing, no regulation things are done abnormally, pandemic regulates everything for us, hope we don’t go back to our old ways.

The Next life and changes after pandemic begin from you and I.

Written by Adigun Toyeeb (Emperor).



I am a passionate mum that believes in equal rights for all Humanity.

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