Ever since our exposure to Indian movies no doubt many relationships have met their doom. Comparison between life and Bollywood movie make things worse.

I strictly tell some people once you started comparing your life to Bollywood movie you are on your own. (OYO). For no relationship is perfect, nobody is perfect for each other but we have to make it perfect ourselves and overseen some of our flops it makes love last longer.

Fact be told, people are now emotional, for what they are watching in those movies, take for instances, “the hero will grab the hand of a pretty Lady, they stare at each other for a while and they both in love”. another one “Hero will meet His beautiful angel for the first time, he will fight for her and the love begins” Smile. Those things are what we are watching because that’s what they wish to show us.

After watching this, you blame your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, for not romantic, have you noticed most of the hero doesn’t have specific job or work when in love? All you will be watching is someone trailing her, he comes to rescue, parents are against their marriage and they will find a means to elope or some other ways. Have you think of what happened behind the scene? Some of these movies are out of world which can never exist in a normal life.

Moreover, your partner who is not romantic, who doesn’t show up when needed, who don’t look at your eyes always and vacate his work, knows what is going on, he wishes to be like that also but he can’t do that every blink of an eye for everything will end in tears.

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Katharine Hepburn in his book : Stories of My Life : said,
“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get — only with what you are expecting to give — which is everything.” This is the common problem, we all expect something big and after we get not, we felt disappointed, in a relationship ask yourself what am I going to offer?, am I expecting big or I’m also offering something. When individuals have this mentality the relationship will last longer.

All relationships have their flops, the romantic aspired boyfriend will also disappoint you, all his call, messages and others will also limit after he won your heart. Instead to be plugging different cable to your heart why don’t you repair the one their and treat each other with love then see how it will end with joy.

Comparison is the thief joy, you will always sad once you compare your life to others, and Indian movies. Start a new life, hold your partner firm, stop eying someone relationship make yours perfect for others has its flops, and Bollywood is not always real, it may be fiction.

Written By: Adigun Toyeeb (Emperor).
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