Hundreds of Borno youths join militia group to defend their communities(photos)

Youths started forming these vigilante groups in June, 2012 in Maiduguri – the capital of Borno State and former seat of BH’s leadership – when they became fed up with BH’s incessant killings.

CJTF members patrol the streets armed with machetes, bows and arrows and sticks, identifying BH suspects, whom they turn in to the government security Joint Task Force (JTF). At times they also attack or even kill suspects themselves. Once a self-organized group, most members now receive US$113 per month from the Borno State government.

Borno state government is seriously investing in civilian JTF popularly known as yan Gora

In this picture below… They’re protecting farmers in a village in Borno.


These are young men and women (Civilian JTF) that suppose to be in schools or their business places, like any other Nigerian, but because of the nature of where they found themselves, they joined Civilian JTF to fight against Boko Haram insurgents.


Borno youths


Women are not left out!

A Negative ideology can only be defeated with a positive ideology!

Arewa youth must stand to defend Borno villagers!

They sacrifice their lives to defend their community

Yan Gora!

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lian JTF!

Right there in the forest.


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This is Ahmed Diallo… He identify Bokoharams by just looking at their faces.



Zulum never stop empowering and supporting yan Gora

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  1. We move that’s Nigeria, fight for ur self
    May Almighty Allah safeguard u all……

  2. That’s good is if d government can’t help the people then the people should stand for there right

  3. For safety reasons I guess

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