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Today I’ll be talking on “How to setup Blogdesk for offline blogging” on your Windows laptop. I’m sure you’re reading this article cos you’re tired of having to write your posts and publish them only when you’re having an Internet connection nearby and that’s not always reliable as you can’t obviously have an Internet connection or a stable one at all times. Writing online all the time would be especially hard for people like Travel bloggers or those that blog about scenery and photography cos they can’t always have access to an Internet connection.

So, you’ve come seeking for answers to this problem right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We at FaqonTech will be providing you with an easy fix to this blogging problem in a while. Before we drop the steps on how to setup Blogdesk for offline blogging let’s look a bit into what Blogdesk is all about and how it works.

What is Blogdesk?

BlogDesk is simply an idea that was developed to make writing new weblog entries easier, faster and more pleasant. The WYSIWYG (WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET) editor just works like your favorite word processor, you also don’t need to worry about those confusing HTML tags. Using images in your posts is very easy and you can also publish your written articles simultaneously to multiple blogs.Adnairax

How can I set up my Blogdesk?

Step one: Download the Blogdesk software

Step two: Execute the software and follow the instructions of the setup assistant. Normally you can just confirm the default values provided instead of switching the values to your own preferences.

Step three: Choose to launch the application.

Now, your Blogdesk dashboard should look something like this:

How to setup Blogdesk for offline blogging

The numbers shown in the image above indicate:Adnairax

1. Menu and toolbar with buttons to create, open, save, publish and edit posts

2. Title of the post

3. With these buttons you can change between the three sections

4. Here can be edited the actual text of the post

5. List with available blogs and categories

6. The post-optionsAdnairax

7. Field to enter track backs

How can I add my Website to Blogdesk?

If you wish to add a new blog to Blogdesk, the Blogdesk Wizard will guide you through the configuration process. Basically, you only have to enter the blog-address (URL) e.g and input your desired login & password. One click later you will be able to write and publish new posts. Here’s a picture guide;

How to setup Blogdesk for offline blogging

How can I move my Blogdesk to other computers?

If you get a new computer you probably want to install BlogDesk and transfer your old user data. Proceed as follows:
· Backup your user data

· Install BlogDesk on the new computer

· Copy your backed up data to the corresponding directories on the new computer.

That was really easy wasn’t it??? And better yet your problem got fixed. Did you enjoy your read on our article (How to setup Blogdesk for offline blogging)??? Well, we certainly hope you did. If you didn’t you can drop your comments on how we can improve our services on FaqonTech below. If you missed any of the steps or, you’re having problems you can also drop it in our comment section below.



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