Dear men,
Don’t ever think you can win a lady’s heart by giving her money, or buying her gifts or taking her on expensive trips cos a woman’s heart is very intrinsic and she can give it to any man she desires even if she does not get a dime from the man and trust me on this, if a lady truly wants you, she will need no monetary influence to be with you.
Men must also understand that except there is an established relationship between them and a lady or an agreement with a lady before they spend on her, she is not obliged to give anything in return regardless of how big you spend on her…. You made that choice.
So what is the point?
if you must give a lady money, please don’t try to impress but give her only what you can afford and not the type of money that will drive you crazy if you get nothing back in return because ”MOST” ladies are naturally wired to appreciate a monetary gift from a man not according to what a man can afford or the level of the sacrifice he makes but rather they compare what you give them with what another man can give or worse still what their friends get from their men.
Simply put… MOST ladies will see a gift of 75k from a guy who has only 150k in savings as nothing when they get 1M from a billionaire not minding the fact that the former sacrificed 50% of his life savings whilst the latter probably gave 0.00001% of his monetary worth.
This is why during a heated argument when a man tries to remind a lady of the financial sacrifices he made for her, she usually responds by saying “what have you done that another man can’t do” or worse still “how much did you give me compared to what men are giving their women out there”
So guys please, no go dey do pass yourself..


I am a passionate mum that believes in equal rights for all Humanity.

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