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Actress Ameze Imarhiagbe has taken to her Instagram page to tackle African prophets who have come up with one prophecy or the other about the outcome of the US Presidential election without sharing any about their countries in Africa.


With particular reference to the current controversy surrounding the US presidential election, Ameze wrote

”It’s so baffling that some African prophets have been heard prophesying about the outcome of the US elections; what’s gonna happen to Trump, what’s gonna happen to Biden and what the future holds for the US… but are yet to see what the future holds for their own troubled countries under the leadership of selfish politicians.

Take it or leave it! The year 2020 has proven one great fact: only God’s voice is supreme and you hear this voice oftentimes via your personal relationship with HIM and not with some prophets’ dictates.

Don’t get things mixed up. Some prophets are simply business men like you. Profit is essential.”


Watch the video she shared below


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