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For the past two years now, the biggest story surrounding the world of heavyweight boxing has centred around three key players, Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, and Nigerians have enjoyed conversations regarding these three, but it wasn’t always like this.

For the rest of the world, boxing has been a major sporting event, rivaling some of the biggest events in the world as its relevance has been right up there with the most watched sports on television and live attendance. But for Nigerians, boxing has been iffy, with some devout fans caring about the sports, and others showing very little interest in it if any at all.

However the general sentiment around boxing in the country changed when this handsome chizzled young Nigerian man named Anthony Joshua became the world Champion. His popularity also skyrocketed with the aid of social media and availability of pay per view in the country which allows Nigerians tune into live matches and just like Nigerians took a huge interest in the sport.

With the love Nigerians have for their very own AJ, it’s only natural that his opponents and basically threats to his supremacy are of utmost concern to the people and no opponent of Joshua’s are as frightening and interesting as Fury and Wilder.

After Fury beat Wilder for the WBC belt there has been speculations of unifying all four world heavyweight titles. Fury has one and AJ has the rest. Asides the unification prospect AJ and Fury are the top fighters in their division and a fight between these two would be indescribably coveted, so there is a strong chance that they will eventually clash. The boxing gods have almost ordined it.

Folowing a string of events the chances of AJ and Fury meeting in the ring has just become higher. Fury has expressed interest in fighting AJ next after cancelling his December 5th fight against Agit Kabayel. Also his contract clause to face Wilder for a third fight is under review. According to Fury the time for him to honor his agreement to face Wilder has lapsed, but Wilder disagrees. This disagreement would eventually lead to an arbitration with a mediator overseeing the whole ordeal.

However Bob Arum, Fury’s promoter has ascertained that Fury is not obligated to face Wilder next year. He also notes that if AJ should win his fight on 12th of this month against Kubrat Pulev, then Fury and AJ are set for their 2021 fight terms which include two matches and has already being agreed upon.

When asked what will happen if AJ wins his match against Pulev Arum stated:

“I’m sure Fury will want to go right to a Joshua fight. And then there’s a rematch… so that knocks Wilder out, and then the Wilder people will be in arbitration with Fury and ourselves trying to interpret the contract to say that Fury is still obligated to fight Wilder.”

“But I assure you that’s not the case, the contract is clear. But do they have the right to bring this to arbitration? Yes.”

Barring any meticulous legal cases, the boxing universe will be treated to the heavyweight title match it has been salivating for, with the two British fighters AJ and Fury battling for ultimate supremacy.


#YNaijaSportsExtra: The Anthony Joshua vs Fury fight is one step closer to becoming a reality


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