Yankari Games Reserves In Bauchi In Pictures


Once you visit Yankari, you won’t feel like visiting any other national park to see these majestic wild animals. They are in their natural habitat and are not afraid to come close to the vehicles. You can see them hunting, playing, eating, sleeping, mating and fighting. And needless to say, this is a paradise for photographers in general and wild life photographers in particular. It provides a safe harbour for the wild life and has a balanced ecosystem for all kinds of predators, prays and birds to flourish.
The anticipation grows, as you keep wondering what would be the first animal you’re going to see. Would it be lionesses’ harem targeting a buffalo bull or an elegantly poised giraffe which stood graciously browsing at the leaves of yellow bark acacia tree.
One of the highlights of Yankari Games Reserves is the opportunity to feel the sparking natural warmness of Wikki Spring water. I don’t know if I have any mystical reason why I prefer it to a swimming pool, I think it comes down to the fact that I don’t get to swim in open water very often. I simply like the challenge of open water and that it is outdoors. There is a certain freedom and naturalness to it. Wikki Spring water is relatively calm; you don’t get much in the way of environmental adversity such as waves and currents. So, it tend to have the calmness and simplicity of pools.
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