Free 5 top companies that pay writers and journalists for content.

Do you like to write? If so this article is for you.

We have writers out there the right and wait for people to pay them but this five website I will be given to you this evening I websites that have taken getting to have readers some of them have up to 10 million readers then they are readers how specific things that they read about the list or the specific topics that girl readers I used to Reading the want you to write articles for them for their readers to rate they have their guidelines so each of this company have different guidelines which you have to read about and find out more the first will going to talk about is why women why women specialise in women topics things like fashioned food slimming products with wowwee men they want women writers which we don’t have much right now so they are very good in the market they are new and they’re paying good money so if you’re a woman and your rewriter I think you should check them out the second one I want to talk about it up work is another very good website upwork allow you to sign up bringing people from all over the world people looking for content to buy this time around the difference between up work and the other ones are some of them have their own readers already but off work is a platform that allow readers and content Finders to find each other so is a big difference with up work with upwork you can pitch you can pick your article and the people that need your article will come and offer you a price for it the last one I’ll be talking about his mental floss meant to floss is a very good website if you’re just a beginner and you trying to make money and ok let’s just put textbroker without talking that we can talk about all this without talking about textbroker textbroker the reason why I never mention textbroker is because textbroker deals directly just with American citizens so if you’re not American citizen textbroker will not recruits you to write for them so they want content written by Americans for American market so if you’re in a writer you live in America I think I should have a look and check out textbroker like I promise I will always give out at least some tips for you guys to make money not because not because I don’t know what I’m doing but I think the right thing is to allow you guys as way to make money so you can be able to buy the course I’m selling online I can’t afford 25000 most people are saying is because they don’t have the job if you have the job between t5000 that I charge which is about £50 is not much if you making the real money so part of the job I’ll be part of my job in the next couple of days is just make sure that you guys have a means of at least being employed and start making money online if you enjoyed this article and you want to know more contact me and I will give you a full one-to-one course that will allow you to be efficient and you will start making money if you can write one article a day in a week you make at least £700 in a month does about 2000 plus and is very easy to read this article so I will give you a course that will allow you to understand the concept of what they want you to write I even threw in the places you can go to to read up on content and house for you to search and do your research to put your words together let me know if you need a service thank you


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