10 Characteristics Of A Man After God’s Heart


10 Characteristics Of A Man After God’s Heart
These characteristics were drawn from the life of David, the son of Jesse, who was said to be a man after God’s heart.

  1. He was not a men-pleaser.
  2. He was selfless and humble leader. He
    cared about the sheep and was willing to lay down his life for them.
  3. He hungered and thirsted after God and His righteousness. He earnestly desired to do whatever pleases God and keep His Commandments.
  4. He remained focused. He didn’t allow fame, glory, power, and riches, to derail him and take the place of God in his life.
  5. He was repentant. He took full responsibility for his sins and mistakes. Didn’t lay the blame on someone else.
  6. He was patient. He waited on God and kept the faith even when it seemed that God had forsaken him.
  7. He was merciful. He had mercy on his sworn enemy who was hell-bent on taking his life.
  8. He was a defender of the poor, helpless, oppressed, and stood-up for their rights.
  9. He was God-led. He always enquired of the Lord and relied on Him for direction.
  10. He was very passionate and proud of his God. He defended God’s interest to the very last even if it meant putting his life on the line.
    I’d expound on each of these characteristics of the man after God’s heart called David in subsequent posts.
    God bless..

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