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Woman Gives Birth To 10 Children at Once, ‘Breaks World Record’, Her Stomach Size During Pregnancy Is Amazing

Woman Gives Birth To 10 Children at Once, ‘Breaks World Record’, Her Stomach Size During Pregnancy Is Amazing

A South-African woman Gosiame Thamara Sithole welcomed decuplets on Monday, June 7; she was initially expecting octuplets but two more babies were found during delivery – Thamara, a mother of twins aged six, gave birth at seven months and seven days at a Pretoria hospital – Her excited husband said the babies born were seven boys and three girls adding that the birth of the children had left him emotional and happy

A South African woman has given birth to 10 children at a go, breaking the world record that had been created by a Malian woman who welcomed nonuplets a few months ago. Thirty-seven-year-old Gosiame Thamara Sithole gave birth to the decuplets on the night of Monday, June 7; the mother had expected to give birth to eight children as an antenatal scan had shown but two more babies were found during delivery.

Gosiame Thamara and her husband Teboho. The couple welcomed decuplets into the world on Monday, June 7. Photo: Pretoria News. Source: UGC.

Seven Boys, Three Girls According to a report by Pretoria News and other news outlets, Thamara delivered her seven boys and three girls through a caesarian section in a Pretoria hospital. She is now a mother of 12 as she already has six-year-old twins. According to her husband, Teboho Tsotetsi, the woman’s pregnancy was completely natural as she was not on any fertility treatment.

The father said: “We now have seven boys and three girls. She gave birth at seven months and seven weeks.” In an interview a month ago before delivery, the now-mother of 12 said she was shocked to be informed she was giving birth to multiples. Tough pregnancy A scan at the beginning of the year showed she was carrying sextuplets but further scans later showed she had octuplets.

The other two babies could not be detected during her gestation period as they were in the wrong tube.

“My pregnancy was tough at the beginning because I was mostly sick. I don’t feel the pain anymore, but it’s still a bit tough. I just pray for God to help me deliver all my children in a healthy condition,” she said in the interview. She recalled how she became sceptical when she was informed she was expecting multiple children adding she also feared their chances of survival would be compromised.

Her husband, who is currently unemployed said he was excited to welcome his decuplets into the world. “I felt as if I was one of God’s children but I could still not believe it. I cannot wait to hold them in my arms,” he said.

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