Why I Pushed For Tammy Abraham’s Transfer So Bad: Jose Morinho

S Roma manager, Jose Mourinho has offered explanations on why he signed former Chelsea striker, Tammy Abraham for €40 million this season.

Mourinho who begins his new managerial career with the Series A giants said he signed Abraham because his philosophy in using main strikers with African descent has not changed.

The former Tottenham manager who discloses that using strikers with African blood had been his lucky charm said that such players have aided in his winning trophies as a manager.

“My philosophy will never change. My center backs can come from anywhere. Midfielders also.

“But my main Striker should be of African Origin, that is my lucky charm to win titles,”
 Mourinho who had previously coached Manchester United stated.

“This is why I pushed for young Tammy Abraham to come join me.”

The former Real Madrid coach took a dip at his former club, Manchester United for not utilising their striker, Marcus Rashford very well.

“If you remember under my watch at Man United, I made Rashford world class at very young age, we won Europa League and other honors.

“I left, and he got new lessons from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer , so he forgot to score goals. It’s painful to see.”

Tammy Abraham signed a five-year deal with Roma but with an agreement with Chelsea to buy back from 2023.

Mourinho has been successful with clubs he managed while deploying African strikers as his hitmen with Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o in Chelsea and Inter Milan all playing prominent roles in his title-ladden managerial career.


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