What A Lady Did When I Offered To Be Taking Her To Work Every Morning

This pic is just an illustration

Hello guys,

Please have you ever been asked “what do you want from me?” by a lady that you just wanted to help with no strings attached?

I was driving home yesterday after work and a lady (average looking) flagged me to stop and i decided to stop and gave her a lift. I asked her where she was going and she mentioned a bustop before mine and i said lucky you… We had a lil chat as i drove her and she seemed really fun, We got to her bustop and i offered to be taking her to work in the morning since she stays close to my place. Then suddenly her face changed and she asked the annoying question “Oga what do you want from me?”.. at that point i was dumbfounded and sad at same time. But i had to quickly smile and said “nothing” then i drove off.

For me i find it sad, a lot of people are not used to good people doing good things without wanting anything in return.

How do you feel and react when asked that question?

Please share yours

This pic is just an illustration

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  1. Although am a lady but the truth is some are too full of themselves that is why the remain single for life

  2. This not fear 😱 ooh

  3. Since u hlp her without expect something in returned then forget abt that shit men such is life smile and move on……

  4. So much sadness

  5. Good for saying NOTHING, u just thought her new life…… There’s help that does not need anything in return.

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