These Pictures Show That Buhari Has Soft Spot For Little Ones

These Pictures Show That Buhari Has Soft Spot For Little Ones

For many, it may be unexpected to see the number one citizen of the nation showcase his other side. Politics aside, many of our leaders also have some passions that majority of the public do not know about. We as the populace are used to seeing them from their leadership capacities and carrying out official functions. But little do we know that some of these politicians are also great fathers to their kids and good husbands to their wives. Despite the existence of duty, there are still very much available in their homes.

Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari is one of such people who do not fail to showcase their personal passion. The leader seems to have interest in children. Being a prominent personality in the country, he is considered as a father to all. He is expected to see all the little ones as his own. Commendably, the president has not failed to live up to expectation. Buhari’s participation in children activities such as children day celebration indicates the he is very much engaged with the kids.

The time head of state also doubles as grandfather. Aside that, he has also served for long years in the army were he became a military leader by interrupting the civilian rule of Alhaji Shehu Shagari. He was once a petroleum minister.

The retired general became a Democratic President in 2015 when he won the general election defeating his major opponent Good luck Jonathan. Buhari was later re elected in 2019 for a second term. The President has so since then,continued to discharge his constitutional duties in line with fulfilling his mandate.

The commander in chief is married to Mrs Aisha and they have children and grandchildren. Though an octogenarian, Muhammadu still knows how to get along with kids. He has been captured severally in a jovial manner with children.

The pictures below testify to the fact that Nigeria’s leader should really be a lover of kids;

Written By Illikannu Donald Chukwuma

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