Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya Named for Google’s Game Developer Program for Africa


Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya Named for Google’s  Game Developer Program  for Africa

Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana stand to benefit from Google’snew five-month training program for game developers in Africa to successfully build, scale, launch, and promote the next generation of great mobile games in collaboration with Maliyo Games, a Nigerian mobile game developer.

In a tweet to announce the launch, Maliyo Games wrote:

Are You Interested In A Game Development Career? @Googleafrica Has Partnered With Maliyo Games To Launch #GameUpAfrica; A Training Bootcamp For Aspiring Game Developers. To Learn More And Apply, Visit Https://T.Co/MpivOuf1h4 #GameUpAfrica #Ghana #Nigeria #Kenya, #Bootcamp Pic.Twitter.Com/SkpdPanlna

— Maliyo Games (@Maliyoapp) July 22, 2021

Maliyo has released several mobile games for Android and iOS, including the side-scrolling action title Niger Delta Commando.

Those accepted for the training program will participate in virtual events from 16 August to 23 December 2021, during which they will be evaluated on three levels of instruction: Game Development Fundamentals, Succeed on the Play Store, and Publish Your First Game. And moving on to the next level is validated by successfully completing one level.

“With over 500 million mobile phone users, the African continent represents a significant business opportunity for persons with creative and technological skills. With this Bootcamp, we’re addressing that need,” states Hugo Obi, founder of Maliyo Games.

“Our goal is to incorporate Africa’s vivid culture into video games through storytelling, character development, immersive landscapes, fascinating sounds, and strong visuals.”

“We started this program because we’re always looking for exceptional people to join our team as a game development studio,” Obi explained.

The Bootcamp, according to Maliyo Games, is looking for anyone with basic programming skills or a computer science background. The organization also stated that potential candidates must be familiar with one of the following programming languages: C#, C++, or PHP.

Using a current self-paced and project-based learning method, participants will learn to design mobile games for the Google Play store. They will polish, bundle, and develop casual Android games over the Bootcamp session.

Mentorship, training seminars and clinics, and networking events are all part of the program, which began on Monday, 19 July 2021. The program ends on 2 August 2021 those interested are advised to visit

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