My Wife Is The Biggest Embarrassment Of My Life- She Has To Leave My House


Good evening ma,

My wife and I just got into a very heated argument right now and I need your advise. What happened was that as I left for work this morning, I gave my neighbor’s wife a lift to work . I met her on the street with an umbrella. She was going to work and it raining slightly.

Throughout today, my phone was blasting with calls from my wife. I picked initially thinking she had something important to tell me but immediately she started shouting on the phone. That why did I give the woman a lift in my car. She started questioning that since when did I start talking to the woman…bla bla bla

First ,I was like…how did you know I gave her lift….and what is wrong with giving a neighbor’s wife a lift to work when she was going my way? I ended the call telling my wife that I was busy and would speak to her when I get home.

But my wife kept

calling and calling. I became angry. I did not answer. Soon, as I got home, from the door…she said we need to talk. That now, I have joined the men that are sleeping with the compound slut. That every man in the compound has slept with that our neighbor‘s wife and now its my turn.

First, I never knew this woman was sleeping with other men in our yard. But that is not enough for my wife to assume me too was sleeping with her. My wife showed me chats from two women from our yard that told her that her husband is this woman’s latest catch.

That made me angrier. That my wife was gossiping with other women in the yard. I told her she was belittling herself by talking to these women. But my wife just went on and on. I told her I did not want to continue the conversation with her because she was acting very childish and annoying.

Next thing I heard was commotion in the compound. My wife went to this woman’s apartment and was shouting at her to leave her husband alone. Called her all manner of names and this woman was ready to fight my wife if not for people holding her.

I am seriously boiling and I feel like asking my wife to leave my house before my anger drives me to lift my hand and give her the beating of her life. I have sworn never to beat my wife but if this is how she thinks, I am not sure if I can keep that promise.

Our marriage is just 2 years old, no child yet and this is the first time something this crazy is happening like this. But this is too extreme and embarrassing. Even if the woman is a slut…did she catch me with her?

Truly, I did not expect this from my wife…please tell me what to do cos I truly feel like sending her packing for disgracing me in the entire yard…now, the woman’s husband will think am among the men that have f**ked his wife.

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