My Girlfriend Still Gets Help From Her 52 years old Ex

Bash me Nairalanders, I didn’t learn again.

But sit down critically and analyze this, then tell me your thoughts.

Sometime last year, I made a thread where I revealed my girlfriend-cum-business partner still receives financial help from a man she once dated.

Today, another story surfaced. In June 2020, she had produced one million naira saying her brother gave it to her to invest in our business. I even called the brother to say thank you and he told me it wasn’t a bother to him at all. We could pay in six months time. I know we can.

Today, I realized it was her ex-boyfriend, the same man I complained about last year, that gave her the money. He’s 52. She’s been confessing more and more about how it’s a loan to grow our business she asked for to pay back in December and she only kissed him as a thank you. My people, what precise, wise, and smart move do I make now?

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  1. Aaah hmm am speechless. So if the husband did not discovered her lies by wanting to thank her brother she will not confess. My brother she as never change since the time you’ve complain about her Ex

  2. My brother, Pray to God for Wisdom

  3. Firstly if u really won’t to help someone, hlp them without expecting something in return, u do it for God sake….
    Bt help and kiss just to say thnk u that’s nonsense what is the assurance that there is not much to that…..
    Am not married bt such wife can kill u if the old man don’t won’t to leave her alone……
    Run for ur life u gat ur life, certainly hope dey….

  4. Hi, Dear Reader.
    Fear Woman. 😂

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