Kogi Bread Levy/Tax: Yahaya Bello Turning Bread Into Stone – Shehu Sani

2020.11.14 at 10:11:05

Senator Shehu Sani on Friday took a swipe at Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello over the latter’s new levy on every loaf of bread sold in the state, Igbere TV reports.

Sani who has been heavily critical of the All Progressives Congress, the party Bello belongs to, said in a tweet that the governor was turning bread into stone after appearing to have defeated coronavirus.

“After defeating COVID in Kogi, Bello the priest is miraculously turning bread into stone,” the former lawmaker wrote.

Kogi State Government says the levy on every load of bread sold is meant to protect indigenous bakers from those “who bring bread to the state without paying any form of levy”.

The move has attracted widespread criticism.

6 thoughts on “Kogi Bread Levy/Tax: Yahaya Bello Turning Bread Into Stone – Shehu Sani

  1. Aaah Levy on bread? Are they sure they are doing it for indigenous Baker or for their own selfish interest

  2. Since when bread become state government business,even if there shld be any levy for indigenous baker as they said, that shld be btw them and the organization of bakery I know they shld av such kind……
    Hw much some of them are even making for them to be paying levy for baking bread……..
    Naija shaa, if there is any country doing such av u meet up with there standard to do such as them….

  3. Yahaya Bello Senator of Radio…. The only senator in Nigeria that has empower youths with Radio…. Social media senator. 😂

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