Kidnappings: “Someday Soon It Would Be #BringBackOurParents” – Sowore

Activist, Omoyele Sowore has again stressed the need for an urgent revolution in Nigeria in order to stop the ugly trend of “BringBacks” in the country, IgbereTV reports. 

Sowore stated that Nigerian leaders have made Nigerians always begging for something to “bring back”. 

He said, “with these failed leaders there is bound to be mass kidnappings.”

Sowore warned that after #BringBackOurGirls and #BringBackOurBoys, it would soon be #BringBackOurParents, #BringBackOurMothers.

He wrote on Facebook: 

“Don’t let it get to a point where these failed leaders turn you to ALWAYS begging for something to “bring back” someday soon it will be #BringbackOurParents because with these failed leaders there is bound to be mass kidnappings soon at a PTA meeting, some other time it would be #BringBackOurMothers, we must stop these concentric #BringBacks, let’s just go for it all at once #Bringbackourcountry only #RevolutionNow can bring back everything! #EndBadGovernmentInNigeria”

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I am a passionate mum that believes in equal rights for all Humanity.

3 thoughts on “Kidnappings: “Someday Soon It Would Be #BringBackOurParents” – Sowore”
  1. So sad, what a country?up till nw none of this people family where not a victims…..
    This country has being crumbled within…… And a country crumble within is dead forever….
    The system need to be change seriously…….
    Stop all this bring back, bring back

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