In his two-bed apartment, a man provides a separate room for his beloved guinea pigs.

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The better things in life are something that Ben Males enjoys giving his guinea pigs.

The 26-year-old Welsh TikToker spends almost £1,000 a year on their opulent lifestyle and has a total of five dogs. They are named Frankie, Peanut, Hugo, Paco, and Baby Moose.

Ben had all the resources he required when he originally bought the creatures in 2017, but he was determined to make their lives as comfortable as possible.

The AV technician started doing research, joined several social media groups, and called specialists who told him that the majority of store-bought cages are “too small” for pets.

Following this discovery, the TikToker saved as many guinea pigs as he could, eventually amassing a total of nine, and even devoted an entire room in his two-bed house to his critters.

He is now pleading with others to provide their animal companions better living spaces, comparing their cages to “box rooms.”

“They live up to seven years in this one place, it’s like picturing living in a box room as a studio flat,” the 26-year-old explains.

People should definitely consider evaluating their setups because, at the end of the day, the cage is the animal’s entire home.

“Quality of life is extremely difficult to quantify, but I spent this much because pet store cages are inhumane,” the buyer said.

We decided to give the guinea pigs their own room after purchasing a two-bed apartment.

“The benefits to your pets’ lives are immense; it can aid in the prevention of illnesses like heart disease, which results in significantly lower vet expenditures.”

The bigger the better, in all honesty.

The guinea pigs in their own room (Picture: Jam Press/@benpiggies)
‘It’s really hard to put a price on quality of life and I’ve spent this much because pet store cages are cruel.’ (Picture: Jam Press/@benpiggies)

Ben started creating a TikTok account (@benpiggies) when lockdown occurred in order to share how he takes care of his cherished animals.

Of course, other users have had something to say about the guinea pigs getting their own space.

“I wish I had a three-bed house, not for kids, but for Guinea babies,” you would say. Got my priorities straight,” one person remarked.

However, some have been harsher.

Another person continued, “Bigger room than I had growing up.”

While we’re at it, I’ll also purchase them a mansion, someone else said.

‘Improvements never need to be expensive and it’s all about doing what you can, with the resources you have’ (Picture: Jam Press/@benpiggies)

Ben maintains his position and claims that while initially being hurt by criticism made him feel bad, he is now grateful he was able to spread awareness of the need for care.

When someone pointed out that the only reason people are finding it unusual is because it’s not a dog, he explains, “at first, [the negative remarks] did get to me a little bit.”

I consider these things to be commonplace because my mother once had a dog room.

“I go to bed knowing they have a beautiful setup and I’ve heard it’s encouraged so many folks to re-evaluate their treatment,” you may be thinking.

Improvements don’t have to be expensive; instead, you should make the best use of your available resources.

There are a hundred various methods to care for a pet in the best possible way.

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