I Have Withdrawn My Blessings — Nnamdi Kanu’s Former Deputy Places Curse On IPOB «

Have withdrawn my blessings — Nnamdi Kanu’s former deputy, Mefor places curse on IPOB

Uche Mefor, a former deputy of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the group said this on Wednesday.

Mefor, in a post on his Facebook account on Wednesday, said he has withdrawn his blessing from the group.

Kanu and Mefor who is the head of Information and Communication of the new Customary Government of Biafra, clashed with the IPOB leader last year due to his method of operating the group.

Mefor has now joined forces with former Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo in their bid to actualise the Biafra agenda.

Recall that Dokubo declared a new Biafra government and named himself as the leader of the government.

Dokubo who noted in the statement he released through Mefor on the declaration of a “Biafra de facto customary government” said the time has come for them to take their destinies in their hands, adding that their people have long suffered injustice and marginalization in Nigeria.

A few weeks after, Dokubo in a video released on social media described Kanu as a criminal.

While accusing the IPOB leader of using the “Biafran struggle” as a business venture, Dokubo claimed Nnamdi Kanu has been diverting funds meant for the Biafran cause.

Meanwhile, Kanu’s former right-hand man, who cursed IPOB on Wednesday, wrote, “as a pillar and founding member who helped make it the phenomenon it was, my blessings are already withdrawn and ipob as an organisation and movement already cursed that you may know that treachery and desecration of the land do not pay and that there is a supreme being in charge of the affairs of men and control of the universe.
“Forget all the shenanigans, in the fullness of time, you shall realise the import of this assertion.”


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