‘I Can’t Get Over Her! How My Girlfriend Dumped Me For A Young Pastor’

Help, I Can’t Get Over My Girlfriend

Having dated for about 3 years, early this year, we had an altercation, I believe the distance between us caused it cause I moved to a different state.

Late last year she told me about a young pastor who’s asking for her hand in marriage, I asked about her stance and she said she didn’t see it happening, but 2 weeks after the altercation, she told me she is considering the pastor.

Ever since then, I have tried to move on but I can’t, this babe ticks all the boxes for me, for more than 3 years cause we started dating in school while I was in 300L and she 200L, It’s been like no other girl existed in the world for me.

Now the usual gimmick “the lord said you are my wife” has cost me something I value so much.

I love this babe with all my heart, now the things I do around her, like forced chats, unreplied messages gets to me, create a pinch on my ego and in a way emasculates me. It feels like she has moved on but I can’t. 

Now my question, how do people get over people so easily?

Have you ever met someone and felt like she was the one and it ended?

Has anyone been in my shoes and how did you move on?

The happily ever after I dreamt of has become a night mare.

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  1. A good communication is the key to every fantastic relationship

  2. That is life just smile and move on.

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