Wouldn’t it be great if the website, forum, or app that had taken most of your efforts, paid you back with substantial profit? Various advertisers are willing to promote campaigns on the websites as they are eager to diversify their ads reach. As per Statista, $26.598m was spent in 2020 on banner advertising (US). It is a 10.5% growth compared to the last year.

But banners, direct links, popunders and in-page push are nothing but advertising formats. So, it’s time to look closely at the top approaches to online monetization of your business. If you’re asking yourself, “What should I do to put ads on my website?”, dive deeper into the content to find out some helpful tips!

Is It Worth It To Put Ads On Your Website?

It’s a question your conscience keeps asking you? The website adverts can be annoying with irrelevant content. But if you can have an income whilst putting contextual ads, then your viewers benefit too. Put ads on your website and get paid well — start monetizing your site through useful relevant ads.

According to a study, 85% of the viewers are okay with native-commercials. Good earnings can flow into your pocket just by advertising stuff on the website that is associated with an article or a blog topic. Let us go through some other advantages to get paid to advertise on your website:

  1. Productive revenue that can be invested in updating the website
  2. Long-term connections with advertisers and customers
  3. Broaden the niche and gain authority over the editorial board
  4. Use the resources to possess a proper workspace, an enthusiastic professional team, and a brand
  5. Build an alliance with advertisers who deal with a bigger brand

Simple Ways of How to Put Ads On Your Website

When you search for great financial turnover methods online, owning a website shows up on the top. Creativity and effort are poured in large amounts into generating useful content but without the ads, it is down to zero. So let’s get started with 10 ways of getting ads for websites to get paid:

1. Rely on Ad Networking Companies

The software programs are designed to connect the merchants and the publishers. How to get ads on my website and earn? The answer is simple. These companies possess ads given by merchants or service providers. They act as mediators between the sellers and buyers and you can rely on them to find suitable ads for your platform.

The following are some points regarding Ad Networks, their working strategy, display design, how to choose the best Network, and some details about Adsterra, the leading Ad Network right now.

How Does an Ad Network Work?

Earlier when the online platforms just started, all the publishers were dependent on fewer options to earn revenue. Ad Networks expanded this advertising platform from the mid-’90s with its ample adverts expertise. Following are some ways Ad Networks work:

1. The company gets many ads from advertisers while the publishers provide the funds to build the inventory.
2. The inventory is then sold to the advertisers in the form of an auction. The required amount comes from web publishers.
3. There are certain parameters set by the advertisers that are put on the website to attract people to click and subscribe.
4. Those parameters or tags can be published either directly by the publisher or by a first-party ad server that can insert them.
5. Also, an advertisement panel is maintained by each advertiser for a particular website that can be modified and ads can be rotated.
6. Once you are in this cycle of banner ads, you don’t have to be contacted again and again. You can sit back and watch the funds flowing in.

How to Choose the Best Ad Network Service?

Earlier, there were not many Ad Networks but with the growth of websites, the demand for a moderating platform grew tremendously. How to get ads for my website to earn money? Well, it is simple. You need to choose a company that suits your needs and budget. Following is the criteria to look for:

  • Always consider the size of the company — a network with 10,000 ads will probably campaign better. But you need to choose based on your website’s popularity, traffic, and the content of your website.
  • The quality of the ads is also highly important since that will be the thing to drive in the traffic. The viewers will always think that you are placing the ads so be careful what is being advertised.
  • Ad formats provided by them is also another criteria. If you want in-text links or banners, your Ad Network must have all those formats.
  • Read their terms and conditions before you pay, especially the payment methods and other information. Commission, time of payment, fluctuations, etc. must be known.
  • Real-time processing and how your user experience will be affected is crucial for choosing. That is why go with Adsterra because they have ads matching the context and do not disturb the UX/UI.

Adsterra Service

Adsterra profile
Adsterra is a game-changing display ad platform founded in 2013. Within this short time, over 25 billion ad impressions are being served. Instead of looking at annoying adverts that viewers almost instantly close, Adsterra will bring innovative and creative ad ideas to increase your earnings overnight.

Adsterra has approximately 400 active advertisers worldwide with over 3500 sources of traffic. Where can I get ads for my website to earn money? Adsterra, of course! It is easy, high-end, and available to all. Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this service:


  1. A wider range of geography is covered — 248 geos
  2. 5$ minimum payouts for Paxum & Webmoney plus regular payments (twice a month)
  3. 5% of the income every time someone joins Adsterra using your referral link
  4. Impressive CPM rates
  5. Partner care approach 
  6. No limits in traffic volume, only the quality matters


  1. Not suitable if you target a narrow niche of advertisers (ex. travel & hospitality)
  2. Takes 2 days after registering to have access

2. Sell Ads Directly to Advertisers

Do you want to have ads on your terms? Selling your own ad space can put you in control of advertisements, you can set your price and send proposals to companies directly. You need to be careful of the place where the ad appears, the ad content, and how it it displayed on the page. For advertisers, one of the major factors they look at is traffic, so make sure you provide them with true website analytics..  We have brought three ways of selling your own ad space:

  • Subscribe Now — the first and the easiest way is to create a subscription plan for advertisers using a special tool which generates a Javascript Code for the spot you want to sell on your website. 
  • Sell the space directly — if you want to save on commission and have control over the ad formats, types of ads, and cost, you can negotiate with the advertisers directly. Here, patience and communication is the key.

A Few Tools for Selling Your Own Space

Managing your own ads is a challenging task. Just getting the ads is not enough. You have to rotate the ads and keep track of them. Therefore we have a few suggestions for selling your own space:

WordPress Plugin Adrotate

 It is a simple plugin for your VP site to rotate the adverts automatically. It can be random ads or selected ads based on your choice. Adrotate works with all ads irrespective of the source and quality. With about 500 people giving it a 5-star rating, it’s a must-try. If you use this WordPress Plugin, your ads will be less likely to be blocked and they can be optimized for all devices. Also, social media campaigns including Facebook and Instagram are handled too.

 It is an amazing platform for publishers who have large websites. This platform is perfect if you want to centralize your ads and monetization ways. Also, they will provide proper support regarding reports. There are ad units with tags generated by Google. The tags will be inserted and Google will put ads on those spots. And then you can set up ad campaigns. That is a ready-made environment for searching advertisers.

3. Try Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is endorsing a particular product on your website. If customers use your link and buy the product online, funds drift in. If your site is only targeted towards one specific topic, Affiliate marketing is your A-list choice.

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Marketing Program

There are various platforms that suit high-end websites and some are available for start-up web publishers. You need to consider a few points like the factors that modify your website and the kind of ads you want. The following guidelines would help you to choose the best platform:

  • Trust yourself when it comes to choosing the ad — your content and the niche represented on your website is much more important. So don’t make compromises on the ads. If you choose non-contextual ads, your viewers may not enjoy the website as before.
  • It is good if you are earning enough money based on one affiliate program — but you need to get ahead in the competition. Therefore, do a little digging on your competing websites and the ads running on them. That can give you an idea of better affiliate programs.
  • Always consider your audience while thinking about ads — advertisements are always annoying if they are irrelevant. If your niche is specific, find an ad that sells something relevant to the content. That way the audience will be happy to have found some products to their advantage.

Criteria for Affiliate Marketing

If you want to do affiliate marketing, your website should meet certain criteria to be able to put ads on your website and get paid:

  • Traffic — affiliate marketing will not work on websites with low traffic. You need to reach a standard amount of traffic to run the affiliate marketing ads.
  • Contact — if your website does not contain any contact info, it will be impossible for the affiliate marketing websites to contact you. You need to have proper contact info (at least one linked email).
  • Optimized Design — the website design is always important whenever it comes to ads. Your design must be able to support different formats.

4. Use Ad Serving Platforms

Ad serving platforms are one of the greatest inventions by the netizens. These platforms provide automated ads for your website to get paid. They take care of all the processes starting from putting ads to taking care of revenues.

These are advanced versions of ad putting platforms. They are not just mediators of ads, they have their own server with hundreds of ads. Ad servers who will take care of managing, rotating the ads, and improving the mistakes. Let us have a look at some ad servers:

Google Adsense

This is the finest and the most popular program used to monetize your website. Contextualized ads on your website appear within minutes of joining. Google Adsense paid almost US$10b to the website owners in 2015 and has done even better in the consecutive years.

When you search “how to put ads on a website”, Google Adsense always comes up. The pros and cons can help you out:


  1. Don’t pay anything to get started or later
  2. High-quality ads with rich media and content
  3. Ads match your keywords and the thought behind
  4. High-end or low-end — all websites can use it


  1. The pay threshold is $100. If your website is small, you might need to wait to reach this threshold
  2. The design of your website and the ad might not be compatible
  3. The payment per click is set by Google
  4. Multiple restrictions that can be pretty hard to comply with 

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon native shopping ads
Amazon also has an elaborate ad server platform to help new and upcoming web publishers to get native ads from Amazon that goes with the content. The whole concept of native ads refers to the proper blending of the ad with the website. 

For example, if you have a website about the latest fashionable shoes to wear, you should put ads on your website about the same style of shoes from amazon and earn a commission. You can look at the advantages and disadvantages:


  1. The ads blend well with the website
  2. No disturbance with the user-experience
  3. Genuine products from Amazon
  4. A drastic increase in eCPM of the website
  5. 10% increase in conversion rate


  1. Amazon collects information on what users click and will place similar ads in the next article they read even if it is not the niche of the article
  2. They can cut the supply of another advertising platform
  3. The average revenue per user is set by Amazon
  4. Product placement is controlled by Amazon

You may also get Native ads from Alibaba and other online marketing platforms. Choose whatever suits your website.

Final Thoughts

All the methods of monetization listed are optimal for use right away. We hope our guide will assist you in picking the right one. Choose one that is friendly to your website’s visitors and doesn’t affect their user experience. Also, keep in mind the tone of voice of your site or forum, its design, background, and motto before you place ads on your website. Seems daunting? Maybe, if you are acting alone. But feasible when you rely on Adsterra. Over 12 000 direct publishers are monetizing their websites and apps with us. Along with transparency and solid CPMs, Adsterra’s partner care approach makes it pretty easy to start doing business online! With our Guide to Instant Monetization you can start right now.

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