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Harry-Meghan Moves Sparks Debates About Monarchy Future

Malcolm Turnbull, former prime minister of Australia, reportedly said the time was ‘looming for a change’ShareNext Story >>>

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Prince Harry and and Meghan Markle’s recent revelations have sent shockwaves around the world, boosting calls for countries to cut ties with the Monarchy.

Malcolm Turnbull, former prime minister of Australia, said the time was looming for a change: ‘It’s time for Australia to be a republic after Queen Elizabeth’s reign ends.’

“Our head of state should be an Australian citizen, should be one of us, not the Queen or King of the United Kingdom,” Turnbull reportedly told ABC TV on Tuesday.

Sharing his thoughts on the head of state, he went on to say: “We should be so proud of our country and our fellow countrymen and women that we should say only an Australian should be eligible to be our head of state. Only an Australian is eligible to be our prime minister, so why should it be any different?”

Australia is a leading country of the Commonwealth, which is made up of 54 nations that either have the Queen as head of state or are closely linked to the UK.

Malcolm Bligh Turnbull is a retired Australian politician who was the 29th Prime Minister of Australia from 2015 to 2018.

Harry-Meghan’s interview is reportedly spurring debate about ditching the monarchy in countries that have Queen Elizabeth as their head of state.

On the other hand, Jacina Ardern reportedly said that she does not detect “an appetite from New Zealanders for significant change to our constitutional arrangements.”

Australia’s current Prime Minister Scott Morrison has not made any comments on the the Sussexes interview.

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