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Terrified social media users have marvelled at the sheer size of an alligator caught on camera at Valencia Golf and Country Club in Florida.

Local Jeff Jones filmed the humongous creature from his buggy, as it took a stroll around the course.

American Alligators have been known to grow huge in size, with the biggest ever captured in Florida an eyewatering 5.31 metres long.

And this ‘monster’ didn’t look far off that enormous measurement.

Social media users were left in awe, with some even making comparisons to a certain fictional monster.

One wrote: “Godzilla lives in Naples!”

While another quoted a picture of the ‘gator, joking: “Midwest gets a bad wrap, but I’m extremely cool not living near Godzilla and hurricanes”

A third exclaimed: “That’s as big as a dinosaur!”

Another called it ‘terrifying’.

While it was all too much for one: “Oh my gosh!!! That thing is HUGE!!! Looks like it is part dinosaur!! Wow. I’d die if I saw this in person.”

Another nervously asked: “How fast can an alligator run? Asking for a friend.”

The incident was reminiscent of another that happened last year in a different American state.

Golfers in Georgia saw play halted after a nine-foot ‘gator decided it fancied a stroll across the 17th green.

It was described as a ‘monster’, before casually popping back into the water and allowing flustered players to finish their round.

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/13179472/giant-alligator-golf-club-florida/

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  1. The gator is really huge if its true that’s really fascinating…. But shaa people shld be careful of such creature…..

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