Ghanaian Naval Officer Caught Airforce Personnel Having Sex With His Wife

Naval officer stabs Airforce personnel after catching him sleeping with his wife

Umar Sahid Abubakar, a naval officer with the Eastern Naval Command has been detained after inflicting wounds on the cheek of Bernard Ababio, who is Airforce personnel.

Information gathered indicates, Seaman Umar Sahid Abubakar lost his cool after he caught Bernard Ababio having sex with his legally married wife Linda Akosua Buabeng on their matrimonial bed.

After the bedroom show, Sahid Abubakar proceeded to Sekondi Police station to lodge a complaint against Bernard Ababio for allegedly biting his index finger after confronting him when he caught Ababio banging his wife Akosua.

The Police in an interview with Empire News said, Sahid Abubakar had in his possession a military backpack containing one set of military uniform, one white singlet, a pair of jeans trousers, a pair of cotton trousers, one blue-black shirt, one T-shirt, one wristwatch, a pair of canvass, one Pepsodent toothpaste, one AV cable belonging to his rival Airforce personnel Bernard Ababio.

Interestingly as Sahid Abubakar was writing his statement at the police station, the airforce officer Bernard Ababio also arrived at the same police station to lodge a case of assault against Umar.

The police issued the victim Bernard Ababio a police medical form for treatment while Umar Abubakar was detained.


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