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“F**k Joe Biden” Chants Take Over Multiple Football Games

“F**k Joe Biden” Chants Take Over Multiple Football Games. Another first for the Democrat party of treason. America on the brink.

“F**k Joe Biden” Chants Take Over Multiple Football Games

By: We Love Trump, September 5, 2021:

First it was the flags.

During baseball season, multiple “TRUMP WON” flags were displayed in major league stadiums.

It became a movement.

Now a new movement is beginning.

At multiple football games this weekend, the crowds began chanting:

“F**k Joe Biden! F**k Joe Biden!”

The videos show stadiums filled with tens of thousands of people joining the chant.

People are going wild re-sharing this moment on social media:

But that’s not all.

It also happened earlier at the first Coastal Carolina game.

What do you think?

Is this the beginning of a new movement?

Football’s answer to the “Trump Won” flags at baseball games?

Or do you think that these are two isolated incidents?

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Let us know in the comments below!

Based on the look of things, this may be the beginning of a brand new trend.

If it is, then it is clear:

The American people strongly disapprove of Biden and his policies!

If he truly received 81 million votes, then how has his approval ratings dropped like a rock so quickly?!

Nothing about this presidency makes sense!

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