Do I Tell My American Patient He’s Being Scammed By A Nigerian Romance Scammer?


So I have this American patient who I recently came across. He’s a fat dude who is like in his late 40s but has a very jolly and likeable character. I introduced myself and we got talking afterwards.

After a while of chitchat, he asked me where I was from. I told him to take a guess and he said said, you sound like you’re Nigerian. I told him (regrettably) that I was Nigerian. He started smiling and told me that he had a Nigerian girlfriend and that we both had similar accents.

He then started telling me recent occurrences that had befallen his girlfriend in Nigeria. He said the lastest story was that she was in Abuja and as she was on her way to the airport in a taxi, the taxi had an accident and she was seriously injured and had to be rushed to the hospital. He said that the hospital demanded money before treatment started and he had to hustle about $4000 and send to her in order for treatment to start.

He said that after a week of her being in the hospital, they wanted to discharge her despite her still being in pain. Because she had exhausted all the $4000 on treatment, he said the hospital had threatened to discharge her on the streets and he was trying to borrow more money to see if he could send it to her so they could continue with her treatments.

He furthermore told me that the girlfriend said that she was a Nigerian American citizen who was currently stuck in Nigeria due to her passport having expired and also due to Covid lockdown at airports in Nigeria. He said she had asked him for $300 to renew her US passport from American embassy in Nigeria.

Another thing that he told me was that just before covid struck, there was a similar pandemic which happened in Nigeria early this year and that his girlfriend had contracted the disease and he had to send her $2000 for treatment. Right now he said he’s broke but is waiting for like $2000 disability check from the US government next week which he will send to her as soon as the money clears.

As he was telling me this tale, I was so angry with Nigerians and how they take advantage of people in love to scam them. I wanted to swear for the scammers

I’m at a dilemma here. Do I tell him that he’s being scammed by Nigerians or do I continue to be professional and just ignore it. Because I don’t want him to think I’m involved with it because these oyinbo people can turn everything on your head and accuse you that is your people in conjunction with you that are scamming him. They are that crazy.

The good part of me wants to help him but I’m hesitant that it may turn out bad for me. Please matured responses.


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