Discover The Best Way To Be In A Relationship(both gender)

Here Is Why You Don’t Have To Get Yourself Worked Up About Any Relationship 

No matter how much u love someone or feel committed about a relationship, give it less attention than u do for urself, friends and ur family.

There is a reason why this is important. It is important because you are more important than any relationship… your intellectual, physical, psychological, mental, financial, and spiritual wellbeing is more important than the person u are dating… ur family is more important than any relationship. Your social circle is as well more important.

If a relationship threatens the interests, unity or peace in ur family or social circle, cut it off !!!

Relationships has the capacity to leave you broken, empty and battered if you pay better attention to it than you do with other more important aspects of your life…

A relationship can drain you from all your energies and time especially if you are not well schooled on how to handle one.

There are not much first love stories with a happily ever after endings… meaning there is usually a snag of heartbreaks in about 99.9% of first relationships around the world… this also means that every one has got at least one Ex to cry about at some point.

The fact that people start relationships and finally end up as an Ex is enough reason to channel your energies into something that is everlasting, Like self-development, investing, making money, and solving problem through ideas, inventions and innovations.

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