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Businessman allegedly demolishes house he built for bae after she broke up with him(photos and videos)

A Twitter user recently headed to the app to share a clip of a beautiful home being demolished by an excavator

– According to the post, a wealthy businessman was tearing the house down because the woman he built it for broke up with him

– Locals have shared various reactions to the clip, many of them wondering why he didn’t just sell it.

He captioned the post:”A business man called in an excavator and TLB to demolish a house he built for his girlfriend after she broke up with him.”

Meanwhile, tweeps had this to say about the post:

@Attractor_13 said:

“This should serve as an example to all women who lack ambition and relax coz the husband does everything. Women must learn to be independent. Those who believe “A man must do everything” will regret it later.”

@Manlord said:

“No focus here you don’t take back something you did for someone in good times even if she cheated in that house you must just walk and understand odladilwe.”

Man Allegedly Demolishes Home He Built for Bae After She Ends Things

A businessman is allegedly bringing this house down to spite his ex. Image: @THAB4NG

@MissThabyLee wrote:

“Killing her or demolishing the house are neither a good way to resolve this. You don’t do or give things to someone knowing that you wouldn’t be okay with them possessing once you break up.”


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  1. Wonders shall never end

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