Desmond Yunana, a reverend of Anglican Church Nigeria based in Borno state, says Abubakar Sheaku, Boko Haram leader, is critically ill and wants prayer from Nigerians.

Delivering a sermon in church on Sunday, Yuana said last night, he had a “revelation” that the Boko Haram leader’s health condition is very bad.

He said Shekau, who needs prayers from both Christian and Muslims residents of Maiduguri, is ready to ask for forgiveness.

Yuana’s “prophecy” is coming one month after Mohammed Adam, a captured teenage fighter, said Shekau can no longer walk effectively.

Adam, who is currently in custody of the Nigerian army, said Shekau got injured during an air bombardment on an insurgents’ camp in Tumbuktu, Sambisa forest, a Boko Haram stronghold in Borno state.

Shekau, known for taunting the military in videos, has not been seen on his feet lately as he has released video where he is seen sitting or in some cases, using audio to pass across his message.

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4 thoughts on “Boko Haram: Shekau Critically Ill, Wants Prayers From Nigerians – Northern Pastor”
  1. For real? Is he asking for forgiveness so that he will not die or so that if he dies he will not go to HELL? If asking for forgiveness from Nigerians is the parameter for him to live, I think he has died since, asking for forgiveness is the parameter for him to either go to HELL or not then I think he is in HELL already.

  2. If he need forgiveness he shld say it for the whole country to hear through whether he prayer of curse , u get what u deserved…..

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