BBNaija: Why It’s A Cunning Behavior For WhiteMoney To Stay In The Kitchen All Day(opinion)

BBNaija:Why It’s A Cunning Behavior For WhiteMoney To Stay In The Kitchen All Day(opinion)

With respect to the reality Tv show, BBN, If you wish hate on Pere, I like him for seeing that bullshit and calling it out. How many Nigerian men will stay in kitchen all day, all week cooking where there are countless ladies playin about.?

It takes a man with balls, wit and gut to stir that house and disrupt that kitchen monopoly being weilded by WhiteMoney, while other house mates are acting like a family zombies.
BBN is a game, not a place for acting with herd mentality. Stir things up, that makes it interesting
Doesn’t make sense for a man to be in kitchen all day all week, when there are ladies everywhere in the house. If it’s a strategy, then it’s a smart strategy for another housemate to see through it and quash it.

And if it’s not a strategy, game aware men shouldnt encourage such kitchen monopoly, as it gives undue advantage to the person holding the monopoly, unless all other housemates are too dumb to know BBN is a game where 90 million is at stake. And all is fair, if within the house rules, in such game of one winner.

It’s not a question of hatred…it’s a matter of being smart to see certain moves that are trying to play on the intelligence of other players

In all matters of the house, White Money has been playing on the intelligence of other housemates, who are too dumb anyway. Even viewers aren’t seeing it WhiteMoneys strategy.
.Pere sees it

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