Nigerian Male Prostitute Who Charges #5000 Per Sex & Sleeps With 10 Customers A Day

The man is well known for his sex prowess hence the name Akpuruka was given to him. According to him, he sleeps with 10 women per day or even more during weekends. According to him, he sleeps with 20 women weekends. 

Why I pray to God before I sleep with other people’s wives –Akparanta, male prostitute

In a video that recently went viral, Akparanta described how good he was in bed.

Curiosity led this reporter to his Instagram page where he described himself as Africa’s number one Man ashawo (Male prostitute). He also displayed a form that his prospective female clients have to fill to enjoy his services.

How did you get into ashawo business?

I decided to make money from having sex with women instead of doing it for free. I am a professional in other fields too. The reason why I made that video that recently went viral is to help build my other businesses.

I lost my parents when I was in primary school. My uncle saw me through school.

How many clients can you handle in a day?

Some of the things I said in the interview that went viral were exaggerated. When I granted the interview, it was meant to show my comedy side. It’s not like I sleep with women everyday and all the time. With digital marketing, I have been able to grow my customer base in graphics designing. I have jobs to do everyday. I manage social media accounts for some brands. It’s not like the ashawo work is what I give 100 percent of my life to.

Sometimes in a week, I can have one or two clients to have sex with. I don’t really mind. The five thousand naira I mentioned in the interview was what I charged back when I started.

Right now, five thousand naira can’t buy me a shirt, fuel my car, and fund my lifestyle. That was meant to be humour. These days, I charge higher.

In a day, I don’t mind if I have one or two clients. I granted that interview four or five years ago. It isn’t a recent interview. I have played down on my prostitute business because I am trying to prove my worth to people. I am living my life now polishing my skills and making money from my talents.

Do you believe in God, what religion do you practice?

I am a Christian. I pray before meeting a client and before doing the do. I tell God to protect me and keep me safe from all evil. I tell him to save me from danger because I don’t really know who I am with anytime I meet a client. I remind Him that He is the Father of the fatherless.

Don’t you think your pastor and church members have watched the video where you talked about sleeping with women for a fee?

I am not very religious. I am sure some of them must have watched the video and they may be trying to reach me. I choose messages I reply to. I don’t give people the opportunity to tell me trash. They must have been messaging me. I know that some of them are the ones who are being judgmental about what I do.

Who are your clients for your ashawo business?

I have a general clientele. There are different women who demand my services.

What are some of the risks and dangers you face doing your prostitution business?

The very imminent risks are infections. There are some clients that won’t want you to use a condom to protect yourself. There are some clients that would to do MouthAction and oral is not safe.

The other risk is safety. There are some ritualists and kidnappers who prey on people. You don’t know who is who these days. You don’t know if the client you are meeting wants to harm you. The fear of the unknown is the biggest risk in the business.

Have you had a near death experience in this business?

I was with a lady in Abuja and I don’t know what she wanted the condom with my semen in it for. She wanted me to hand it over to her and I refused. A gun was pointed at me. I put the condom in my mouth and pretended I swallowed it. I was scared to death that day. That is the only near death experience I have had doing this business.

How do you cope with the stigma of being a male prostitute?

Some of my friends ask me the same question all the time. I ask them how they cope with stigma of poverty. As long as I am getting clients and making money to fund my lifestyle, I don’t care about the stigma. Let the stigma be there. It means nothing to me. As far as I am living my life, I don’t care about the stigma of being a man ashawo.



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