I wooed her for four years now love is ruining my life. I need advice

Good day nairalanders there is this very girl I love so much. I have expressed my feeling to her but she keeps telling me she is not ready yet. It has been four years now and am finding it difficult to move on or love any other girl.

Its ruining me as all i do each day is to think of her, atimes I might decide not to call her again within three days or what she would call me telling me is this the type of love I have for her. I am overwhelmed but she doesn’t understand how i feel (please i need advice) plz anyone who would remind me of the present economy should stay off as ur problem is not mine.


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One thought on “I wooed her for four years now love is ruining my life. I need advice”
  1. Probably i guess she must have been troubled with her past experience on men, so all she need now is to be extremely careful not to fall into the wrong hands but I’d advice u keep up.the gud work by keep doing all you have to do to win heart and never give cos she wud eventually accept u.

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