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‘Why I Just Broke Up With My Girlfriend’

‘Why I Just Broke Up With My Girlfriend’

I just don’t get it at all, I swear I don’t. How can a girl know that you love her, like she knows legit.

I told her times without numbers reduce the way she goes out with friends, she lives in the mainland n I live at Ajah (lekki axis) her mum recently opened a restaurant and she should be helping the woman… Like I advice her alot.

I came across pastor Kingsley Okonkwo preaching that says “you saw her the way she was before you married her and it you didn’t change her then why change her now”
Heaven knows I tried but if she can’t stop we can’t get married and I can’t date her.

I can’t keep getting worried anytime she goes out considering the dangerous times that we are now.

I am not a simp but fact is sooner or later y’all calling yourself redpillers will want to settle down.

I mean if this is how looking for a partner is hard I’ll just get myself a baby mama n focus on my life n kid. I’m legit tired of all this…so pissed this night.

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  1. Maybe u still need to pray for her even if you date her finally

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