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UK Teen Who Shot His Friend Said He’d Probably Kill Again (Pix)

CHILLING CLAIMS: A TEEN who shot his pal in the face with a shotgun said he would “probably kill again” and wanted to be famous for “chemical warfare”

UK Teen Who Shot His Friend Said He’d Probably Kill Again (Pix) 

The 16-year-old lay in wait for the 15-year-old victim as he walked to school before “calmly” blasting him from less than 5ft away.

He then jumped in his dad’s car, which he stole, and fled the scene in Kesgrave, near Ipswich, as his pal lay critically injured in a pool of blood.

The victim was left with “devastating and life-changing” injuries and is “partially paralysed” from the horror

As his mum repeatedly screamed “what have you done” at the gun fanatic, he showed her the double barrelled shotgun with a “smug and righteous” look on his face.

After he was finally arrested two hours later, he chillingly told officers: “I’ve done what I wanted to do, as scummy as it is.”

At his sentencing hearing for attempted murder today, the court was told the boy made harrowing remarks while playing Jenga at a secure unit after the attack.

When asked what he would do if he left the unit, the boy replied: “Probably kill again.”

He then revealed he didn’t know if the victim – his friend since primary school – was dead before a worker shut down the conversation.

In another discussion, the defendant was asked what he would like to do “later in life”.

He chillingly replied: “I will probably be inside until I’m 40 and I would like to be famous for chemical warfare.”

The court also heard an emotional statement from the victim, who said his career goals had been “ruined”.

His dad also read a statement where he described seeing his son on the ground bleeding “missing half his face”.


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