NIN Registration: Important Thing You Need To Know

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It has been previously announced by the NIMC that every SIM card which is registered without a National Identification Number will be blocked by the end of December.

This is truly an impromptu announcement and it is clear that not all Nigerians can beat the given deadline to registering for the NIN. It is evident that the process of acquiring a NIN do take months or even years to complete and a deadline of two weeks is really infuriating Nigerians.

Although some firms have been given the contract of providing the NIN for the people so as to make it faster but still, many of us might not make it because of the stress and time consumption attached to it.

If it happens that your sim card is blocked for not having NIN, you might risk losing the money you have on your Opay account, Palmpay account and other mobile banking apps.

You will lose also lose the privilege of receiving alerts anytime there is a transaction with your bank account. Also if Facebook account is created with a SIM card without NIN, you might risk losing your facebook friends, pages and followers.

This makes it important for all of us to act fast as regarding the registration of National identification number.

For Our readers, it is a surety that most of us have social media accounts opened with a sim without NIN, if your sim is blocked by December, you might not be able to connect with your friends and loved ones for some times.


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