Meet Man Who Owns 3000 Unusual Cars, Says it Took Him 50 Years to Gather, one Has 3 Bedrooms in It

Meet Man Who Owns 3000 Unusual Cars, Says it Took Him 50 Years to Gather, one Has 3 Bedrooms in It

Hamad’s love for cars has seen him collect and amass 3000 of them with unusual features and specialties – Some cars in the Abu Dhabi man’s collection include whips with 3 bedrooms and a living room, another that can float on water and so forth – After 50 years of gathering and modifying, the Arabian man houses all the rides in what he called a pyramid-shaped car museums.

Some have undying love for fashion items, sporting activities or even cuisines but for an Arabian it is unique cars

The man named Hamad has 3000 cars in his impressive whip collection and that is not just all there is to it. Hamad spent over 50 years of his life amassing 3000 unique cars Photo Credit: Screengrabs from Youtube video shared by Nas Daily Source: UGC

In a YouTube video by Nas Daily, the Abu Dhabi man said it took him over 50 years to gather the cars which mostly are of limited edition or no longer in the market.All are kept in a pyramid-lie museum

Some of the fascinating cars in his collection include the biggest Dodge car 9 a car with 3 bedrooms and a living room), a trailer shaped like the earth, the smallest rainbow car, one that floats on water amongst others. He also built a 6 by 6 Nissan jack up car, the only one of its kind in the world. And he doesn’t fancy luxurious rides Interestingly, there isn’t a Ferrari or Lamborghini in his impressive feet. This is as the former military man doesn’t fancy luxury cars. According to Hamad, he buys, builds and modifies the cars, all of which are in good condition

Boat Tail, termed the pinnacle of luxury and customisation by Rolls-Royce, was just unveiled. The ultra-luxurious vehicle was handcrafted by the company’s Coachbuilding section, which specialises in hand-building cars and setting a new standard for personalisation. The division took four years to build the Boat Tail according to the demands of the customer, who paid $28 million for the first unit. This makes it the most costly car on the planet, according to a report by TimesNowNews.

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