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‘My Wife Left Me Because I Lost My Job’

 ‘My Wife Left Me Because I Lost My Job’ 

My wife which we have been married for the past thirteen (13) years and have five(5) children, four boys and girl for me ,just left my house on Sunday to her parent house without informed me.

She left because we have little disagreement about monthly food allowance which I used to give her every month but I failed to give her this month when she requested for

She left with the girl which is six months old and a boy two years and left three boys for me.

Please I need your advice, should I go and beg her or I should forget about her and continue with my life. According to my family members, they said I should forget about her because of the manner she left.

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  1. You need to keep praying for her and try visiting your child that’s with her, doing that will encourage her and then seek for at least sumtin to do to keep yourself busy as a Man

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