Hi Nairalanders my name is Franklin, and ill be talking about my experience schooling in Ukraine as an international student, have been in Ukraine for some while and I know many Nigerians want to migrate to Ukraine for educational programs but they don’t know-how. ill be showing you the educational structure and which one you can fit in as an international student. Note that education in Ukraine is not free but with $1800 you can get a decent school over here. Don’t let any agent deceive or take advantage of you because of your anxiety to travel for school programmes in Ukraine. I school at university of Kharkiv, the standard of living in ukraine is average.
Higher education:
Higher education in Ukraine is managed by the Ministry of Education which coordinates the activities of higher schools and supervises the higher schools which are under other ministries. According to the “Law on Education”, higher education includes the following levels and categories of establishment: level I – vocational schools and other HEIs of a corresponding level; level II – colleges and other HEIs of a corresponding level which teach Bachelor and junior specialist courses; level III – institutes, conservatories, academies and universities that teach Bachelor’s and Specialist, as well as junior specialist courses; and level IV – institutes, conservatories, academies and universities which teach Bachelor’s, Master’s and Specialist courses. The degree system is under reform: The old system had only one stage of undergraduate studies, the degree of “Specialist”, awarded after 5 years of study. The new system comprises two stages: undergraduate and graduate, with several degree levels
Non-university level post-secondary studies (technical/vocational type):
Non-university level:
Since 1992 the whole system of Ukrainian post-secondary education is considered “higher education”. According to the “Law on Education”, the following levels and categories of establishments offer higher vocational education: level I – technical and vocational schools; level II – technicums and colleges. They award the qualification of Junior Specialist. Level III institutes are university-level institutions. Graduates from post-secondary vocational schools must sit for final examinations and defend a graduation thesis/work. The Diploma confers a right to employment at a pre-set level or the right to continue training in institutions of a higher level.
Teacher education:
Training of pre-primary and primary/basic school teachers
Pre-primary and and primary school teachers are trained in teacher-training institutions of Levels I, II, and III of accreditation (vocational schools, technikums, and colleges). Practical training at kindergarten and primary schools are part of the teacher training programme.
Training of secondary school teachers
Training is provided by higher education institutions of Levels III and IV of accreditation (institutes and universities), in different faculties (Education, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Physical Education, etc.). The programme for teachers includes standard topics of education and psychology. Teachers of practical/vocational courses are trained in the technical education institutes.
Training of higher education teachers
There are no special forms of training for higher education teachers. They are recruited among university graduates who hold a Magister or Kandidat Nauk Degree and have followed special education courses through various types of assistance
Non-traditional studies:
Distance higher education
A network of correspondence and evening courses is intended for persons who are already employed. Candidates for such courses must not only pass an entrance examination, but also prove they effectively worked for a certain time.
Lifelong higher education
Some higher education institutions (mostly private) have departments of continuing education providing teaching based on the principles of general higher education. Obtaining Diplomas depends on credits obtained in required topics, as well as on the presentation of a paper.
Higher education training in industry
A certain number of higher education institutions organize evening classes in industry which are of the same level as full-time studies.
Stages and Organization of Higher Education Studies
Higher vocational/technical studies
Since 1992 the whole system of Ukrainian postsecondary education is considered “higher education”. According to the “Law on Education”, the following levels and categories of establishments offer higher vocational education: level I – technical and vocational schools; level II – technicums and colleges. They award the qualification of Junior Specialist. Level III, institutes, are university-level institutions.
University level studies
Stage 1: Bakalavre
Description: The academic and professional diploma of Bakalavre (BA, BEd., BMed.) is awarded after 4 years of successful study (6 years for Medicine). The Bakalavre programme comprises basic higher education and professional training in a given professional field. It is an intermediate degree. The degree of Specialist is awarded after five years of study.
Stage 2: Main stage-Magister
Description: The main stage of higher education has an average duration of five to six years, depending on type and discipline. Graduation requires not only the necessary credits and examinations but also the preparation and successful presentation of a thesis. To be awarded the Magister degree, the student have to have in-depth scientific knowledge for the solution of professional and theoretical problems. The Magister diploma indicates the professional title and the field of specialization.
Stage 3: Doctoral degree-1
Description: Ukraine keeps a two-degree system at doctoral level: “Kandidat nauk” (Candidate of Sciences, comparable to the Ph.D.), and “Doctor nauk”. The first qualification is obtained by submitting and publicly defending a thesis, and passing the required examinations. The candidate’s thesis can be prepared while following various forms of post-graduate studies.
Stage 4: Doctoral degree-2
Description: The degree of “Doctor nauk” is the highest scientific degreein Ukraine, comparable to “Habilitation” in some Western countries. This degree is awarded to candidates already holding a “Kandidat nauk” degree, on the successful presentation and defence of the “Doctor nauk” (habilitation) dissertation. The habilitation dissertation should represent a major contribution to the development of a given field or branch of learning, and has to be published entirely or at least its main parts.
if you have any questions to ask or want to add please feel free and ill be glad to guide you.
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Re: My Experience Schooling In Ukraine As An International Student by Calfav: 9:31pm On Sep 27
This is my Experience
An emotional afternoon as I watch my parent tell me goodbye with tears. They gave me a look that made me think I was going for a suicide mission.
I felt an avalanche of emotional outburst wandering round my belly. The journey I thought was gonna start in laughter and celebration, had an emotional kick off.
Amidst the thrills and tears in the atmosphere; the boarding time came knocking and I had to leave everyone to go embrace the future written in a wall I can’t see.
Sometimes, we just have to respond to the calling of the unknown factor. Stepping out of the unknown and embracing the ways of the wild. To me, my time to leave my comfort zone has come and I embraced it emotionally.
After a long flight, we arrived Doha airport. And I was fascinated by the people I saw. Different skin color and hair. And everyone pacing around like there was a bomb blast.
I was just looking like i had no clue; basically, I had no clue.
I was just trying my hardest to decode the enigma in sight like the handwritings on a Babylonian wall.
Soon, one of the security helped me figure out what was in view and I started pacing like everyone else.
It was a necessary factor to pace around. I don’t know why, but you just have to run.
The common saying; when you are in Rome, act like the Romans was the perfect description.
Soon, it was time to board for Kiev. And I had to say bye bye to the dormitory of pace.
We got to Kiev airport and a guy from the university picked me up.
I just got the feeling that my real quest had began. My study experience in the number one ranked university in Ukraine: national technical university “Kharkov polytechnic institute” it was a thought full drive from Kiev to Kharkov.
We just have to be ready for challenges. We all long for golden opportunities; but its indeed pretty bad if our opportunity meets us unprepared. I was basically trying to pull up some emotional chords that would be good enough to play the strings life gave me to suite nature’s demand on my will to be successful.
Soon it was time for registration as I walk the street of Kharkov beholding the face of it’s beauties and building.
Everyone seems to be in hurry and all I did was to be amazed at degree of pace their legs must have accrued.
Soon I found out that there are more ladies than men. This made me think that the ladies will all be in the “please come take me to your mama” vibe. But, along the winks and woos of time; I found that they are happy with themselves and are not in a hurry to fall into the hands of a man.
This discovery opened up a new wave of revelations to my mind and took me down into the basic necessity of livelihood.
You don’t search for love, you don’t live for love, if you are not happy with yourself, you can’t be happy even in love.
The basic rule for happiness is to be happy with yourself.
I learnt that from the Ukrainian ladies, they are always cheerful, beautiful and happy with themselves. This to me is an adorable virtue.
There is a common saying; “Ukrainian women love to cook and wash” this lines made me think of them as entities that would settle for house chores and stuffs that pertains to ancestry being a good wife syndrome.
But I was amazed at the level and degree in which this young damsels embrace academic excellence and personal development. They are not being cut up by the gender role phenomenon, all want to be something worthwhile and build an empire of greatness for themselves.
Amidst all the encroaching wonders in my Wonderland, I had to brace up my loins with diligence and hard work in other to catch up with the pace of the Ukrainians.
Ukraine so far has being an inspiration, it gave me tools that would help me build my success to my taste.
The cheap internet, wonderful subways, cheap food and accommodation only point to one thing ” Ukraine is the best country to build up your muse and make self discovery that will enable you handle the world’s demand for excellence “
Thinking greatness, equals thinking Ukraine.

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