Muammar Gaddafi is considered as one of the most dictatorial leaders in history. During his regime as Libyan President many people died under his command.

Thousands of people were butchered and killed. Anyone who was against Gaddafi leadership was in a risk of losing his life. At one time Gaddafi was accused of being behind a bombing for an aircraft that killed over 200 Americans. This caused Gaddafi to have enemies all over the world and also in him home country.

In a video footage on the Gaddafi’s final journey to his death, shows the painful death he had. He was hiding in a tunnel in a shot out between him and Libyan fighters. The people Gaddafi was with had been overpowered and gunned down. The fighters then captured Gaddafi were he received a brutal fighting from the soldiers. The video shows how his face had been covered over by blood. He was then shot on the head and he died on the spot.

Gaddafi’s begged for mercy but it feel on deaf ears. He asked, ‘‘What did I do to you?’’ Despite his plea the killers when ahead and shot him direct on his death.


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