A new WhatsApp update will prevent the popular messaging app from working on millions of phones from 1 January 2021.

Vanguard gathered older Android and iPhone devices will no longer support the latest version of the app, forcing owners to either update their mobile operating system or buy a new smartphone.

Phones set to lose WhatsApp support on 1 January 2021 are listed below;

Apple iPhone 1-4

Samsung Galaxy S2

HTC Desire

LG Optimus Black

Motorola Droid Razr

Any Android released before 2010

Phones that will need to update to at least iOS 9 or Android OS 4.0.3:

Apple iPhone 4S

iPhone 5

iPhone 5S

iPhone 6

iPhone 6S

Samsung Galaxy S3 and newer

Samsung Galaxy Note

HTC Sensation

HTC Thunderbolt

LG Lucid

Motorola Droid 4

Sony Xperia Pro and newer


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3 thoughts on “List Of Phones Set To Lose Whatsapp Support January 2021 {Full-list}”
  1. Haha, this is serious ooooooo and where is the cash to get new smartphone ……..
    Naa their matter be that oooooooo even apple product dey among…….
    Things no dey easy again ooooooo….

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