If You Want To Be Successful Financially, Avoid These Things

If You Want To Be Successful Financially, Avoid These Things

Everybody wants to be successful financially but most people are ignorant of the secrets of financial success Many are dreaming of a day when they will stumble at huge amount of money that will turn their fortune around. Others are not dreaming yet rather they are busy blaming their parents, siblings and the government for their failures.

The truth is that financial success comes with good planning, you don’t need to stumble at success, you may not have it even if you stumble at it if you are not prepared for it. To succeed therefore you must be prepared to make it.

In this article, I want to tell you the things you must avoid as you prepare for financial success.

1 Avoid careless expenditure

Many people think that they need bulk money to be rich. That is why you can see many young men in pool offices, casinos and bet Naija centers as they are looking for bulk money that will turn their fortune around.let me tell you from experience, what you need to be great financially is to carefully handle the money you earn everyday. Everybody that have made it financially will tell you the importance of savings to. financial greatness

Spend carefully so that you will save money for investment and greater tommorow. Without savings no investment and no future for you.

2 Avoid call girls

Many young men take delight in patronizing call girls. An average call girl cost between #5000 to #10,000 per night. This is quite an awesome amount of money to spend for a night if you are a beginner. You may think that it will not make you poor, after all it comes up once in a while. When it becomes a habit you may not know why you desire to have them everyday and why all your income is wasted on them.

3 Avoid heavy investment in projects that do not generate money

In Nigeria, it is our culture to think of building a house in the village immediately we become successful. But do you know that such investment hardly generates any income for most people.? Some people destroy their business capital in this process and end up not being able to raise the capital again.

2 Avoid buying luxurious cars

It is good to enjoy your life but mind you early luxury when your

income cannot take care of it will lead you to failure. The problem with luxurious cars is not the money to buy it but maintenance. You must consider the cost of maintenance before you buy. Also think of the economic benefits before you buy it. Will it help you to generate money or is it just for luxury?

5 Be careful with alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic beverages do not only affect your body but your mind when you consume them in excess. You must exercise restraint if you like to consume them. Be very careful to ensure that you take them in moderation. You need a healthy body and a sound mind in order to achieve financial success.

6 Don’t hurry into early marriage

Early marriage can be a serious problem if you are not careful in your selection. Of a truth some wives can promote your financial fortune but this stock are few in the market. If you can carefully select and find this kind of wife good. This merger will lift you up, otherwise don’t rush into early marriage until you have built your capital.

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