Our bodies coming in contact with hot boiling water can be a very painful and sometimes deforming experience . It can result in very painful scalds. A burn or a scald can be caused by dry heat I.e an electric or charcoal iron. A burn can result in the following painful conditions: blisters, white or charred skin, swelling, red or peeling skin.
So what do you do if you skin accidentally comes in contact with scalding heat? You may not prevent the initial damage one hundred percent, but at least you can stall it to a considerable degree.

Whenever hot water pours on you or any other person around you do the following:

1. Get Away From The Heat Source

Immediately hot water pours on you, first and foremost get the person involved away from the source of the heat. This should be done to stall the burning and limit its damaging effects.

2 Cool The Burn With Cold Water

Cool the person’s burn with cool or running water for about twenty minutes straight. Do not use ice or butter or any greasy substance.

3. Remove Clothing

Remove any clothing on the person especially ones around the area of the burn. But do not attempt to remove cloth stuck to the burn. Remove jeweleries as well.

4. Keep The Person Warm

Do this using a blanket. But make sure not to touch the scalded area with the blanket.

5. Cover The Burn

Place a layer of cling film over the burn. You can also use clear plastic bag to cover it, especially for burns on your hand.

6. Take Painkillers

You can take painkilling drugs like paracetamol or ibuprofen to calm the pain.

7. If The Face And Eyes Are Burnt…

Sit up straight and don’t lie down. This helps to prevent swelling.

8. Seek Medical Attention

If the burn is big enough or complicated, like an electrical or chemical burn, you may need to seek medical attention as quickly as possible. Take the victim to the nearest hospital to get the burns treated.

N.B: All pictures are used for illustrative purposes.

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