Heartwarming Photos Capture Precious Moments Between Mothers And Newborns

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Beautiful photos by photographer Paula Galvo capture the sweet interactions between a mother and her new child. The  Brazilian photographer Paula Galvo, who is from Natal, specializes in capturing a baby’s first moments. These stunning, unvarnished moments depict the wonder of new mothers giving birth to their children.

One incredible shot shows a  mother and baby seen meeting for the first time while the other shows a new born been delivered while still in Amniotic Sac,  In the meantime, a moving image depicts a woman getting ready to give birth while kneeling on the floor and clinging onto her spouse as she experiences contractions.  However, paula captures those precious moments between a mother and her new baby when they meet for the first time after the marathon pain is over.

After giving birth to her own daughter, Ingrid, who is now 17 years old, Paula began photographing women in labour.

The 39-year-old has always had a passion for photography, and when she was 16 she started working at her father’s studio. Paula carried on the family legacy of photography by becoming a children’s photographer, joining her father, brother, and grandpa in this profession. Then, in February 2001, Paula gave birth to Ingrid and invited her father to document the event with photographs. A few days later, she saw the photos, and the feelings she had while giving birth erupted all over again. Paula made the decision to help other parents at that same moment. 

She claimed that despite working around the clock since a baby could arrive at any moment, she is “extremely happy and fulfilled” by her position. I am quite content and fulfilled, she stated. Every birth carries with it a unique emotion.

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